How I get into product based company Thanks to Scaler Academy

I graduated from tier 3 college and for me to get an interview from a product based company or startup was difficult. I always wanted to work in a product-based company or a great startup. So, I can make a huge impact on millions of lives. So, I started preparing for tech interviews then I landed upon I saw an advertisement for Interviewbit Academy (Now Scaler Academy). It was a 6-month course that prepares you top tech companies and also refers you to top product-based companies and startups also. So, I decided to join this course. Classes were really great. they are not only solving the problem. but they are more focus on the thinking process and pattern of problems. we were also taught about system design and full-stack development (As I have chosen full-stack development). They have also organized one onsite hackathon. It was a great learning experience as All instructors and mentor helped students to create a great product. I started getting referrals. After many rejections, I finally landed a job offer at delhivery. which is one of the best logistic companies in India. Hope to learn and grow more from Scaler Academy.

Delhivery Interview Process

Round 1 was an Online Test. It had 3 questions in it. Questions were a bit challenging as difficulty level was medium.

Round 2 was Technical Interview. The interviewer asked my two ds algo question. the expectation was a bug-free code.

Round 3 was Technical Interview. Interviewer Asked me the solutions of ds algo question, questions related to my project and past internship. the difficulty level was easy to medium.

Both Interviewers was very helpful and they made me very comfortable during the interview process.

I would love to thank interviewbit family for this great opportunity.